Journal Entry 1: Entities in the Home

We’ve had a visitor in our home for the past several days.  We can always tell when it’s something disruptive because the tendency is to affect our animals first.

This one has been a bit elusive so I think I’m going to have to actually go into the astral to take care of it.  We knew it was around because of the energy imprint it left in our home (something I am more perceptive of).  At first, I didn’t take it too seriously.  However, it has my attention now.

In retrospect, the first signals of malice probably came when our cats stopped eating for a day and a half.  Naturally, you would first think of the most obious causes.

♦  Is there something in the food they don’t like?

♦  Is there a cold going around?

♦  Is there a change in routine that’s causing stress?

Things like that.  All the cats regained their appetities so I didn’t pursue it much further.  Then Catherine began to come down with a cold.  The first two days of their cold, our dogs also seemed to have a cold.  Honey, our german shepherd mix vomitted her breakfast 2 consecutive days.  Okinawa, our husky-shepherd mix vomited his breakfast this morning.  Catherine has also been experiencing nausea.

Again, you try to rule out the simpler possible causes (or at least we do).

However, we’ve learned to pay close attention when we find ourselves in this scenario AND a few other signals are present.  In this case, they were.

  1. I’ve been seeing the shadow of the passing visitor around the house.  At the same time, the energy “feels” disruptive.  It “feels” like this is something I don’t want in my home.
  2. Both our dogs have been agitated to the point where they have taken self-imposed “time-outs”.  Normally, they are very co-dependent, but when they get agitated like this, there can be conflict.
  3. The cats exhibit “tense” body langauge when they are watching it (the entity) with me.

So, now that we’ve concluded that there is something bothersome in the home, it’s time to get rid of it.  Normally, I can just shield the home and everyone in it.  No big deal.  This one, as I said, is going to require a little bit more of my attention and effort.

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