Journal Entry 2: Energy Field Disruptions & Illness

The deeper you get into this work, the more normalized the “abnormal” become.  Sometimes, Catherine and I joke about how non-chalant we might talk about certain things… as if it were no different than sharing a grocery item list or talking about our day at work.  Of course, our day at work also involves a lot of weird stuff.  For example, we might share our latest OBE in the same way we talk about a trip to visit a friend.  It’s just part of normal, everyday conversation for us.

It’s so normalized, in fact, that I sometimes find myself ignoring or delaying things because I have other priorities.  You’ve done that, right?  Like not really think about the ghost flushing toilet that you hear occassionally until you see your water bill and realize… “yeah, I should really take care of that.”

Well, that’s what has happened this weekend.  Unfortunately, my wife spent the weekend ill as a result of it.

You see, just like anyone else with any other skill, Catherine and I have our strengths and our weaknesses.  One of my strengths is my sensitivity to energy fields in my environment.  If you’re not familiar with the sensations, think of it like… [the rest of this content is only available to Ascension Room members.  Click here to join now].

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