Journal Entry 3: Spectrum of the Empath

This entry is inspired by a conversation with an individual on our @ascension_room Instagram Page – and it’s about empaths.

So, there’s something that I want to be clear about – and that is… we are, EACH OF US, empaths to some degree. Indeed, like many traits, those which are empathic traits exist on a spectrum.

The spectrum that we use has an extreme “left”, an extreme “right” and a “center” of sorts. This spectrum is specifically used to measure and observe energy dominance. Now, have many discussions as to what energy dominance is with both private-clients as well as with the members of the Ascension Room, but it basically helps us understand things like how you communicate, the range of your gifts and what you’re naturally resistant to and absorbant of on a subconscious/metaphysical energy level.

It also offers us a way to predict behavior and response to different situations and stimuli.

For example, I could shake your hand and instantly know where your blockages are likely to be, general sources of your anxiety, and even the types of romantic relationship you’re both drawn to as well as the types you should actually be participating in.

When it comes to measuring empathic “capacity”, we have specific ways of measuring that for you, even while you sit in the comfort of your favorite chair. Now, this is important to understand because, if you’re having difficulty separating your energy from others or understanding exactly what might be going on with you, the type of tests we facilitate can give you the insight you need to finally figure out what the heck is going on and how best to work with it.

So let me explain a little bit about this spectrum that I’m talking about… [the rest of this content is only available to Ascension Room members.  Click here to join now].

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