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460's Journal

The Ascension Room is actually an extension of our overall practice:  460’s Journal.  If it weren’t for 460’s Journal, the Ascension Room wouldn’t be.  So to fully understand the spirit behind the Ascension Room, allow us to explain the origins of 460’s Journal.

460’s Journal is named as a tribute to our Guides, Guardians, and Angels who have supported us throughout our life times.  460, specifically, is the name by which I [Mel] call my main Guide.

One of the questions often asked us is whether we base our session strategies and treatment plans on direction from our Guides.  I’d like to take a moment and be very clear with what we mean when we acknowledge that we work in support with our Angels.

It is a requirement for every practitioner who works with us to have received some type of formal training and credentialing within their fields.  Depending on the modality, this may require a degrees from University, certificates from programs, or (in special cases) life experience may be counted.  In addition, each must have a history of experience that illustrates their expertise within their fields.

These requirements do more than ensure that the practitioner is skilled.  It is the process by which they grow into their potential.  Ethics are developed.  The ability to work within a variety of less than ideal environments if necessary while still being effective, engaging with different varying personality types, strengthening communication and delivery, and building of confidence are all elements that are practitioners must develop and continue to develop even after joining our practice.

The culture we promote is one where both practitioners and those we help learn to honor their own sources of power.  We do not support appropriation of cultures outside of our own for profit.  Thus, our practitioners do not adopt titles outside of their culture and/or family line such as “shamans”, “gurus”, etc.

At 460’s Journal, we understand that “mastery” in any form cannot be purchased, but is a result of a lifetime of dedication and time spent honing a specific skill or practice.  Though our practitioners do have years, if not decades, of experience – every single one recognizes that even as teachers, we are simultaneously students and open to all that is presented to us to absorb so that we may always improve upon how we may be of service.

Light and dark are not equivalent to ``good`` and ``evil``. Light and dark just ``are``. Do not seek to eliminate one or the other. Instead, seek to allow both to work in harmony together just as the universe intended. ~ Mel LLeras

The role played by our Guides, Guardians, and Angels is not to determine treatment protocol.  That’s determined by training and experience.  Rather, they are present during the sessions to connect our higher consciousness with yours.  They may bring our attention to specific areas that must be addressed or even reveal wisdom during a session that may benefit both the practitioner and the recipient.

These are signals that all of our Guides, Guardians,and Angels are involved with the work.  Indeed, we acknowledge and have gratitude for this… and now we put everything forth here, in the Ascension Room, for you to access.

Numerous times have we heard statements like:

☯ “What a coincidence that we our session lead us to talk on this subject matter.”

☯ “It’s interesting that you used this [specific term] to explain ________.  I completely understand when you say it that way.”

☯ “I can’t believe this [image] came up for me.  I was dealing with [related situation] just his past week.”

460's Journal | Center for Behavioral Health and Spirituality

460’s Journal evolved into the Center for Behavioral Health and Spirituality.  With an absolutely beautiful office space in Minneapolis, MN, USA, that evolved into a Virtual (Online Only) practice, we’ve been able to serve our clients both individually and in small groups.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with other mental health and medical professionals, coaches, psychics, etc., Our reach expanded world-wide and into facilities such as nursing homes and prisons where people have limited or no access to regular transportation.  This propelled us to evolve into a virtual clinic so that people who need our brand of therapies and guidance could access it without physically travelling to our office.

The variety of people we found ourselves working with broadened into areas we never would have thought.  Our reputation established into working with very difficult cases and even assisting people with chronic medical conditions manage or overcome them while working with their physicians.  We also found ourselves helping people with amazing super-talents who just didn’t know what was going on with them.  On the surface, these amazing people were just like anybody else… but their abilities ranged from being able to physically see a person’s last breath as it formed a tunnel to the other side to being able to “smell” cancer to all sorts of phenomenal abilities.

Ascension Room

The Ascension Room is born.

Our experiences and connections revealed to us just how many unique abilities were being held by people who didn’t know what to do with them.  Many of them thought there was something wrong with them.  Many more were experiencing dysfunction in their lives because the spiritual aspect of what was occurring wasn’t being acknowledged or explained.

There is so much information out there – much of it regurgitated without a clear understanding of the work.  Generations have lost touch with their own ancestral lines.  It’s no wonder there is so much confusion.

We aren’t claiming to be experts in every culture and modality.  We didn’t actually plan this path out in this way.  However, this is where our calling lies.  Because of that, we have been gifted with the connections to those guide-like entities that direct us in being able to help others in this world.

They give us pieces of experiences and understandings that we wouldn’t normally have.  We get to travel to different times, places, lives, etc. explicitely to be able to bring information to you.  Information that will help you honor your own calling.

This platform is designed to allow us to connect with anybody in the world.  Here is where we are building our community… to meet each other, to learn together, and to support each other.  Here is where we can leave behind any worries about being “too weird” and just allow ourselves to flourish.

Here is where we call the Ascension Room.

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